Web Client

The Web Client hosted on centralized infrastructure is the piece of software most users will engage with in order to work with the Fortress protocol. Eventhough a version of the Web Client is hosted on centralized infrastructure for convenience, its source code is publicly available at https://github.com/FortressFinance/Fortress-ui and can in theory be run locally by anyone individually, if need be. The Web Client tries to fetch Vault specific information from the available API Gateway for timing reasons. If the API Gateway should not be available or serviceable, be it temporary or permanent, the Web Client aims to fall back to pure on-chain data queries. The unavailability of the API Gateway should never have any functional impact on the Fortress protocol. The only impact an unavailable API Gateway should have on the Fortress protocol is a worse user experience due to longer query times for on-chain information, which under any circumstances should leave the functional and information integrity of the Fortress protocol in tact.

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